Yoga Classes 

Mami & Baby Yoga (Deutsch & English)

@ Das Yoga Haus /Salzburg 

Mami & Baby Yoga mit Valentina im Herzen von Salzburg im Studio Ariadna Castorena I Yoga & Ayurveda

Diese Klasse ist für Mamis gedacht, die kurze Zeit nach der Geburt Yoga ausprobieren möchten oder ihre Yogapraxis wieder aufnehmen wollen und ihre Babies (ab 2 Monaten bis 8 Monate alt) mitbringen möchten. Die Mami & Baby Klasse zielt darauf, nach der Geburt wieder "in Form zu kommen" und gleichzeitig andere Mamis zu treffen. Die Übungen sind speziell für Beckenbodenkräftigung, Beckbodenwahrnehmung und Rückbildung. Ein guter Start um deinen Körper nach der Geburt wieder zu stärken und ein gutes Körpergefühl zu bekommen. Die Atmosphäre ist sehr entspannt: Die Mütter können Yoga praktizieren, während die Kinder schlafen oder spielen; sie können die Babies auch in die Yoga Praxis einbeziehen oder jederzeit eine Pause einlegen um das Kind zu stillen.

Empfehlenswert mitzubringen: Babys Lieblingsdecke oder Stoffwindel & Lieblingsspielzeug

Pregnant Yoga (Deutsch & English)

@das Yoga Haus  Zillnerstrasse 10 5020 Salzburg 

  every Tuesday      17pm -18pm

  every Wednesday 09:45am -10:45am

For women who are pregnant between their 13 to 38 weeks.

Prenatal Yoga is a safe, simple and natural method of preparing for the miracle of childbirth. Pregnancy yoga classes combine relaxation techniques with stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises. Through the different exercises you will learn the essential skills that will help you to breathe correctly throughoutyour pregnancy and in times of stress, helping you to connect with your baby. 

Pregnancy yoga classes with Valentina will help you to strengthen the pelvic floor and uterus, improve circulation, aid digestion, ease back pain and increase general wellbeing. It can also help to alleviate other discomforts from the pregnancy, like nausea, constipation, water retention and varicose veins.

Join this safe and supportive weekly yoga practice to help alleviate some of the common discomforts and stresses of pregnancy.

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@Salzburg Coming Soon 

This is a Hatha Yoga based class and it is aimed at those who want to start practicing yoga as well as to those who already have some experience and want to improve their practice.

This class will help you to feel comfortable on the mat, giving you a firm introduction to the different Asanas helping you build your inner strength, to create more willpower to stay longer in the different positions with a calm mind and breath. Specialemphasizes is placed in alignment, breathing techniques, mastering the main Asanas and everything else you need to become familiar with yoga!


Private Yoga Session 


You can choose the location of practice, e.g.: outside or your home. Each session is individually tailored to your needs such as dealing with injuries or building up your strength and flexibility.

Pricing depends on the location and number of people.

​Do you wish to take your practice to a higher level? Is there something special you'd like to work on? Are you pregnant and not ready yet for a group class? Do you like hands-on adjustments and specific tips for YOUR body? 

I'd love to give you a private class - for details please contact me