...I love to teach and actively accompany my students throughout their practice while sharing  my knowledge and experience.


Yoga is not only about the physical practice, you should see it as an instrument to learn to control your mind, breath and body. Its  a wonderful tool to practice self-love, acceptance, consciousness, willpower and courage, helping you to strive for a higher version of yourself.

when one teaches, two learn


​My name is Valentina Allesch.  A passionate Yoga Instructor, Mother  and a lover of Nature & Food.

I would love to share with you my experience, to inspire you in your daily life, and to show you the world of Yoga . 

I discovered the beautiful world of yoga in 2010, when 

my body and mind sent me a sign of imbalance and disconnection. 

At this time, I never thought I would ever become a teacher or that Yoga would become such an important part in my life, however, it was love at first sight and from the very first second it brought self love, courage, 

happiness and energy into my life.